modded m&p 9mm shield. converted 8rnd mag to hold 10, which makes this slim single stack an 11rnd carry gun. added pearce grip extension to the 7rnd mag for a full purchase, and added classy green to the engravings. only 300 rnds through it so it's like new. very good condition. comes with the 2 mags, and original box. 365$ text 5177982023 if interested. thanks.
Glock19 gen4 all the glock stuff with .4mags and laser trade only for handguns Fremont area and I don't travel
Glock19 gen4. Glock43 Trade only Fremont area and I don't travel Handguns only
Glock19 gen4 4mags and laser trade only Fremont area and I don't travel
Glock19 4 mags and laser .Fremont area and I don't travel .Trade only
6 Vintage Gun Magazines. All are complete and are in very good condition. $10 for all six issues. GUNS AND HUNTING Jan. 1964 GUNS & AMMO Aug. 1965 SHOOTING TIMES May 1962 AMERICAN RIFLEMAN June 1966 March 1967 Oct. 1970. Local pickup in Coldwater, MI is free. There will be a addition shipping charge via USPS mail, contact me for a quote. Thank you.
Glock43 heritage22lr 22mag Rock island m200 38 naa22mag keltec p11 9mm all for trade .I'm in Fremont and I don't travel
American Gunsmithing Institute VHS video tapes $5 each. All tapes are original from AGI (no copies) and are in excellent playing condition. Colt 1911 .45 Auto Armorer's Course Technical Manual. 1 hour 51 minutes in length. $5 M1 Garand / M1A Armorer's Course Maintenance & Technical Video 2 nours in length. $5 Case Hardening Metal Parts 53 minutes in length $5 Smith & Wesson Armorer's Course & T...
American Gunsmithing Institute VHS videos. $5 each. All are complete and in excellent playing condition. Professional Gun Cleaning Tips & Techniques. 1 hour 17 minutes in length. $5 Understanding and Buying Rifle & Pistol Scopes. 1 hour 35 minutes in length. $5 Making Flat Springs. 44 minutes in length. $5 Metal Finishing & Hot Caustic Bluing Course. 2 vhs tapes each 2 hours in length. $10 (for...
I have a glock43. A heritage 22lr 22mag a rock island m200 38 .Naa22mag
Gun Test Magazines 107 different issues. April thru December 1989 Jan. thru December 1990 Jan. thru December 1991 Feb., March 1992 April thru December 1993, 1993 Buying Guide Jan. , Feb. ,May thru December 1994 Jan. thru August 1995 , Oct. thru December 1995 , 1995 Accessories Handbook. Jan. thru August 1996, Nov. & Dec. 1996 Jan. thru April 1997 August thru December 2004, 2004 Buying Guide Jan...
I have many handguns for trades glock G43 heritage 22 lr 22mag. Rock island 38 .Naa 22mag. Keltec p11 9mm s&w22a1 22 lr .I'm in Fremont and don't travel for deals anymore been left hanging to many times
m&p shield. only 300 rounds through it. comes with 7rnd mag with pearce grip, 8rnd mag has been converted to 10rnd, which makes this an 11rnd gun while still highly concealable. talon grips have been added. cosmetically it's a great looking pistol. classy subtle green has been added to the engravings to give it a sleek look. also comes with original box, manual, and factory accessories. 380 obo...
Glock g43 . Two mags and case has Hogue grip . Also have a heritage 22lr 22mag and a rock island m200 38 sol. 4 inch barrel trade only Fremont area I don't travel
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